Overtime vs. Undertime

Which One is Your M.O.?

by Jeri Cartwright

We constantly say we want balance in our lives. Many of us constantly fail. But today I ran across an interesting column on The Firm Voice that claimed:

"People who don't work very hard are the biggest complainers about work-life balance! And those who work many overtime hours just consider it 'another day at the office.'"

Hmmm......read on. And when you're done, if you are an overtimer, please give us advice on work/life balance.

Some of mine:
  1. Turn down all offered board positions for six months. Karma will understand if you need a rest.
  2. Turn down all no-pay speeches for six months.
  3. Attend only two business lunches per month. You might have time to get some work done! And done work leads to free time.
  4. Turn off your cell phone in the evening for two hours. Same goes for the rest of the family.
  5. Stay away from all electronics for eight hours every weekend. And yes, that includes TV. Electronic can openers, microwaves, computerized washers/dryers, etc. are OK.
  6. Buy a hard copy book. Don't scan it. READ it.
  7. Ask to meet a reporter in-person. It will be hard to get her/him to do it, but it really works well.
  8. Go for a stroll. No aerobics. STROLL slowly. Study flowers, dirt, rocks, urban animals. Stand under a pine tree. The language of nature speaks volumes of comfort to frayed nerves.
  9. Stop goal setting for six months. Let yourself fall into your own personal cycle of expectation and achievement.
  10. Dismantle your ego. Every time you catch it being offended or fluffing up, fold it up neatly like a soft down blanket and put it on a shelf. That done....you'll start to learn who you truly are.


Article originally appeared at prfirms.org.

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