Meet Utah's New Media - "Mom it Forward"

by Jeri Cartwright and Lisa Davis
UtahPulse.com  9/25/2009

Mom It Forward

Blog site: www.momitforward.com/blog Technorati rank: 21,136

Twitter weekly event held at: http://momitforward.com/category/gno

Twitter followers: 7700+

Website: www.momitforward.com

Facebook page: www.facebook.com/momitforward

Facebook fans: 800

Creator: Jyl Johnson Pattee, Draper, Utah

Focus: Stories and events that inspire women

Allowing advertising: Yes. Sponsorship packages for live events, advertising on the Website and newsletter

Jyl's husband once painted his toenails BYU blue. It was a statement. His wife spent so much time online, he wanted to see how long it would take for her to notice. It took an entire week.

Jyl Johnson Pattee began her new media journey with a weekly Twitter event for moms. It morphed into a blog, website and a cause-oriented network comprised of women around the world. The mantra: Changing the world one mom at a time.

She recently held a Twitter party with people in Kenya. Via online and offline fundraising events from San Diego to New York City, she was able to raise $15,000 benefitting the Yehu Microfinance organization that helps poor Kenyans obtain micro-loans to start small businesses.

She also conducted five simultaneous satellite parties across the US that were video-streamed on momTV.com and broadcast on Blog Talk Radio.

And once a week, Jyl holds a real time event on Twitter called #gno, short for Girl's Night Out. Don't go thinking this is a group of stay-at-home moms. Women may be moms, but they are also hard-working employees, CEOs, management...you name it.

We joined Jyl's #gno event on Twitter one night. The topic: "Strengthening relationships through photography." The sponsor was Kodak. We were prompted to enter our contact information into a contest for a Kodak camera give-away. Kodak even had a social media representative join the group to comment. It was a fast and furious two-hour experience. Women checking in, checking out - much like a conference call-and each comment in less than 140 characters, offering suggestions, talking about cameras, and simply checking in to say "hi."

Ask Jyl for a short bio, and in true Twitter form, you'll get it in 140 characters or less: @jylmomIF is a mom to 2 boys, founder/hostess of Tues Twitter #gno parties, CEO of Mom It Forward, can't get enough cheese, loves 2 travel.

Our questions to Jyl:

Do you consider Mom It Forward a type of new media outlet?

Yes! Sponsoring on websites is not new, but sponsoring Twitter events is. The combination of Twitter, website, and live event advertising is potent and gives a business a reach it often hasn't experienced, especially so affordably. Imagine chatting one-on-one with your target market. It is amazing and powerful.

Do people try to persuade you to write about them or their product or business?

Yes. I pay attention to all of the requests. I respond to those that meet my mission, vision, and values. E-mail me. I'm always open to discussing a potential story or answering any questions anyone may have.

When did you first start getting interest from advertisers?

Last winter, but I didn't reach out and sign up sponsors until this summer. I wanted to get my business model right. For me, community comes first.

I get pitched by agencies and brands all the time to review and promote their products, but so far, I haven't offered reviews on my Mom It Forward site. I do offer sponsorship packages to brands, which include sponsoring a #gno event, advertising space on momitforward.com, and other services such as social media consulting, live events, blogger outreach and tours, etc.

How much time do you spend online daily?

A minimum of six hours. I spend the rest on business development calls, public relations, or business strategy. I have a contributing writer on my site, #gno ambassadors, and Mom It Forward chapter presidents and all of these positions are voluntary. The Mom It Forward team is amazing!

What is your ultimate goal with Mom It Forward?

Changing the world one mom at a time, starting with women as individuals, then in their roles as moms and/or influencers, and extending into their communities and beyond. I truly believe change on a massive level happens as individuals change within. Do I have financial goals? Absolutely! I want to be able to influence as much as possible and money makes that easier. But, money isn't what drives me or how I measure my success.

Jyl Johnson Pattee has a passion for connecting with new people. As a copywriter she connected with clients. As a newspaper reporter she connected with the people she interviewed. As a project manager at Franklin Covey for nine years she connected with the likes of Microsoft, Avon, and the U.S. Air Force. Her current incarnation is as a mom, business owner, and social media consultant.


Article originally appeared at UtahPulse.com.

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