Crisis Advice

imageIn today's fractured media environment, you must deliver clear, concise information during a crisis or emergency. An interview with anyone representing an online, print, video, podcast, or radio format is a two-way conversation. You need compelling answers your audience will truly hear. Likewise, you need to give them information they didn't know they needed. That's why preemptive crisis communications has dramatic impact.

Once is not enough

Crisis communication training should be done regularly to keep the skills fresh in the minds of management and spokespeople, and to keep them updated on new media formats and needs.

Every situation is unique

We are prepared to train your main spokespeople, management, or frontline employees regarding:

Customized for your firm

We will sign confidentiality agreements with your company to allow for frank discussion of your current and emerging issues. Each training is prepared specifically for your business or organization, utilizing your current issues and concerns. The sessions are upbeat and non-threatening, encouraging each participant to learn to speak in their own voice.

Intensive training

Intensive personal training for 2-3 executives. Our format allows company executives to make and learn from mistakes because observers are discouraged. Training works best when broken into smaller segments over a period of days or weeks. This gives participants time to digest what they have learned before the next session.

One-day training

A day-long session for high level management and spokespeople, including videotaping and reviews. Prior to the training, each executive will fill out a form, including greatest concerns and toughest questions or scenarios they anticipate or have experienced with news media. We will review participant bios prior to the session to determine our best approach for maximum impact on the management team. Company observers may attend.